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Hand-Painted Icons

* Our Lord and the Holy Trinity (Hand-Painted Icons)
* The Theotokos (Hand-Painted Icons)
* Events in the Life of Christ (Hand-Painted Icons)
* The Saints & Angels (Hand-Painted Icons)
* The Evangelists & Apostles (Hand-Painted Icons)

Precious Orthodox Holy Icons handpainted on a massive wood frame using traditional materials (tempera, natural powder paint) and old techniques, which depict The Theotokos, Our Lord and the Holy Trinity, Events in Life of Christ, The Evangelists & Apostoles, The Saints & Angels. All of them are reproductions of original icons from the middle ages. The author follows the long-established canons of the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church. You will receive a unique icon, which is handmade with utmost care and craftsmanship.

The export out of the country is allowed (certificate is included).
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